picture of a metal part.

Powder Injection Molding (PIM) is a low-cost method of shaping advanced materials, including hardmetals. The process begins with metal powder, to which we add a proprietary organic binder system. The result is a mixture which can be injection molded at relatively low temperature and pressure.

The injection molded green part is then debound to extract almost all of the organic material, leaving behind a porous metal brown part. These pores are eliminated by hot-consolidation or sintering at high temperature.

The final parts are individually inspected to ensure they have the right dimensions and shape. Other tests can be used to verify the purity and quality of the parts before they are shipped.

Key Terms

Powder Injection Molding (PIM)
The method we use to shape hardmetals into complex parts
Mixture of metal powder
and an organic binder
Injection Molding
Pressure forces molten feedstock into a cavity, where it hardens.
Green Part
A part molded from feedstock
The removal of almost all binder
Brown Part
A part that has been debound
Thermal collapsing of pores